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How to buy a supercar: Autocar’s expert guide

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September 5th 2017 

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“Some might say we’re entering the market just as it’s plateaued but all markets have their cycles, even the cars themselves,” says Sohl, whose personal collection includes a Ferrari Dino 246. “For example, the Ferrari Mondial may be cheap and unpopular but it’ll bounce back. It’s a Ferrari, it’s not made any more and the number of Mondials is falling, so it’s inevitable that values for the best will start to rise.”

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Fritz Neuser, formerly a Ferrari dealer and has been active in the car trade for not less than 55 years, today sells high-caliber, value-added potential across brands. The man knows what he is talking about and predicts that the Mondial will double its value within the next five years….
Neuser would also always prefer the Mondial to the technically related, incomparably racy-looking 348, since the former was superior not only in terms of space and ride comfort, but also in handling.

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One of the best perks of having a Ferrari is free invites to VIP events.  Just because I own a Ferrari, I got invited to an exclusive inside access to the IMSA sports car championships.  If you’re not familiar with the races, think of it as sanctioned racing of the best stock exotics.

The best part?  It’s free for me.2017_scuderiacorsa_no63_1280x626