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Neat 80’s Factory Video


Nice Fog Drive…

Got to drive with a bunch of really great folks!

The Mondial is cool and you know it.

Link to the article:

History of the Mondial’s Visual Design

The brainchild of the Mondial’s design was Leonardo Fioravanti of Pininfarina, same designer of everything from the Dino to the F40. From the 288GTO to the Daytona. When the Mondial 8 first came out, it was an engineering feat. If you can name another…

Pit Stop….

I’m driving up in the Santa Cruz mountains. About after 2 hours, I hear a clankty-clank sound and then a loud ka-pow and I fear the worst. The engine feels fine and no smoke or additional sounds after that. I do notice the tire…

AutoExpress Mondial Buyer’s Guide

AutoExpress Mondial Buyer’s Guide

YAGA (Yet another great article)

the Mondial’s a terrific grand-tourer. If you don’t want to spank your Ferrari down a B-road periodically, but instead plan to take it on jaunts to visit friends or across Europe, that means it makes a lot of sense. You also get one of…

Cool photo shoot with the Mondial

Cool article about Jim Barbourt

he more I meet and learn about current and previous Mondial owners, the more I come to respect them as remarkable folks. From 6 time British Ferrari winner John Pogson (whom I hope to meet in person one day) to Micheal J Fox. That’s why it came…

Years of lap times on various tracks vs other Ferrari in the real world, not what some doofus reads and regurgitates.

Lap Times of the Mondial t courtesy of UK Ferrari Club

Amazing animation by Greg Cooper

Amazing animation by Greg Cooper. from outrun

Cool Video of 308 GT4 vs Mondial t