Mondial not being fast…

I wanted to follow up on my comment on the Mondial not being ‘fast.’ Please do not get me wrong, I agree wholeheartedly the Mondial is by no means a slogger. My comment applies to the fact that modern day mainstream vehicles have achieved a level of straight line performance that is on par with the Mondial – hence the “supercar” performance associated with a “Ferrari” has lost some of its luster in this case.**Many of the common V6 family sedans now are suprinsingly quick in a striaght line.

Now it is a fool’s errand to attempt to “magazine” race using pure numbers. “Fast” is also a relative term, a Hummer will think a Prius is fast. A Prius will think an Accord V6 is fast. An Accord V6 will think a C7 is Fast. A C7 will think a Bugatti Veyron is fast…

I’ve divided cars into 5 main categories when describing straight line performance (what most would use to define “fast”.) I know speed is not just what a vehicle can achieve in a drag race – I’m just talking about what good old’ Americana usually gauges as “fast” in a stop light encounter (which I long ago abandoned to my ignorant youth)

0) 0-60 in the >6’s 1/4 Mile >14s (The Rest)
1) 0-60 in the 6’s 1/4 Mile in 14s (Sporty)
2) 0-60 in the 5’s 1/4 Mile in 13s (Fast)
3) 0-60 in the 4’s 1/4 Mile in 12s (Faster)
4) 0-60 in the <4s 1/4 Mile in <12s (Fastest)

This being said; I’ve driven enough cars to know a vehicle’s dynamics is based not on numbers on paper, but on pure driving pleasure. I by no means want to convey quantitative snobbery. All Mondials are fine vehicles, in fact as I said – they are my “Dream Car.”

A consideration in purchasing a classic is not just pure “numbers” but the subjective qualitative experience. The Mondial I expect will provide this far more than any V6 Accord can.



About to buy a Mondial t

 I am currently starting my Ferrari journey. I’m married, have two children (6 and 8), I am fond of cars (especially Ferrari.) After looking at a lot of different cars, I’ve come to the conclusion that the Mondial met my extremely strict criteria for *my* “dream” car. I just purchased a 91′ black Mondial and it is on route. It just had the major done plus a bunch of other upgrades. I’ve taken a leap of faith as I did not do any PPI or have seen the car. I know a lot of people are hitting their foreheads in exasperation of my bold move. Parts of my decision were due to the fact the funds would be donated to a good cause, and the money is all going to charity – that and talking to the previous owner calmed my fears.I’m not naive in thinking a 20+ year old Ferrari is not going to come calling on my pocketbook – I certainly expect this. I look forward to being a responsible steward. I intend to deal with any issues immediately. In essence, restoring any odd and ends to its full glory.Indulge me on my 10 reasons why I chose the Mondial:
1) it is a Ferrari – let’s face it – the mystique, exclusivity, heritage, and the backing of an active marque – there is a lot of history and emotional equity with the nameplate. I’ve considered myself very individualistic, I wanted my car to reflect that. There is a plethora of Porsche’s, Bimmers, Mercs, and Audis where I live – I wanted something that was unique – Ferrari accomplishes that, and in spades.
2) I wanted a “sporty” vehicle that was fun to drive – no dispute here – Yes, the Mondial is not a “fast” car relatively (I do not want any flames here) – However, it is fast enough for a family man driving two children in the back. If I want a track car, I would buy a new Corvette; and be done with it.
3) I wanted a convertible – I’ve always felt true convertibles distilled the touring car experience.
4) I wanted 4 seats to share the experience with my whole family (good thing I have kids and not big adults for the back seat)
5) I’ve always liked the notion of a “mid-engine” – I like having the roar of the engine behind – it has been auditory exciting to have the mechanical orchestra behind.
6) I wanted a car that was already at the “dip” of its value – A car that is what it is – no further depreciation or loss of relevance. I feel the Mondial is at the base camp toward the mountain of future appreciation.
7) Manual Transmission – Modern automatics are marvels. Able to shift faster than humans – I acknowledge this -, but if people do not understand why the tactile pleasure of shifting gears is so important – they probably also do not understand why somebody would go fishing instead of going to the fish market.
8) Ascetically pleasing – I’ve always like the look of Mondials – I think it is a highly beautiful car – I acknowledge this is completely subjective and in the eye of the beholder – these eyes have judged, and judged positively.
9) Rear wheel drive – I respect sport cars with all wheel drive. However, I’ve felt that in the right conditions – rear wheel drive is a lot funner.
10) Community – A family of people that allow me to do what I’m doing now. Sharing my passion for the marque with like minded good folks such as one reading this now.